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What’s your list doing for you?

You’ve done it. You’ve captured the attention of an extraordinarily valuable audience, differentiated your brand from all the noise, and you’re sitting on a list of potential lifetime customers — who have literally asked you to keep in touch. So what are you going to do now?  It’s time to leverage the strength of your list. That’s where we come in. Worth Media is excellent at email communication. And we aren’t just talking about newsletters.

Segmenting your Audience

The first step to outstanding email communication is cutting-edge, data-driven segmentation. We employ the world’s finest segmentation tools, integrating site, social, engagement, and eCommerce data to discover insights about your customers you can act on. When you understand your list — where each user fits in the funnel, how they’re getting to the next layer, and what sort of communication they’ll need to see to get there — that list becomes your strongest business asset.

Worth Media + Klaviyo

Worth Media is a Klaviyo partner agency — it means we’ve mastered email segmentation, and the process of converting those segments to highly valuable weekly or monthly campaigns and automated flows. Looking to convert purchasers to lifetime brand advocates? No problem. Hoping to decrease the delay between first and second order? We can do that. Leveraging the power of a tool like Klaviyo, alongside the experts at Worth Media, will turn your email list into a solid, consistently producing revenue stream.

Not to brag, but our content is listed among Klaviyo’s Best. Explore the Klaviyo Showcase to see our stuff.

Your simplest channel is your strongest channel.

Klaviyo Masters + Email Experts = Accelerated Growth

Best-in-Class Tools

Klaviyo — the world’s finest communication platform for businesses, includes integrations to draw actionable data from the most important platforms. Leveraging that data toward automated flows that work, and campaign content that drives revenue, is what we do best.

Leading Analysis

WM’s reputation is founded on world-class analysis. We understand the variables that matter, and we employ that understanding to recognize segmentation strategies and actionable insights, so you can build a communication framework that converts.

Certified Experts

We’re a Klaviyo Partner agency, which mean’s we’ve launched thousands of campaigns, earning millions of dollars of revenue, all through email. Worth Media’s team of email experts is daily driving growth — why not yours?

Tested Techniques

Award-winning emails, radically high conversion rates, best in industry revenue rates. We’re in this because we’ve developed tested techniques that accelerate brand growth. Let’s talk about email, we promise you’ll be impressed.

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